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Shifting Gear

There are quite a few changes going on. Here is the direction I am taking with the community I want to create. This will be a very unique community. If you talk about some of these topics on other forums, you may get flamed if the threads don’t get locked, deleted or ignored. This will […]

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NEW VIDEO Develop Animal Magnetism with Women

I just uploaded the first new free video on YouTube. It now?replaces the video on my home page. Check it out! This video doesn’t really have new content compared to the?first version of it so it’s more like a teaser. 16 more videos to come ๐Ÿ™‚ Get our best-selling e-book Sexual Magnetism Blueprint, previously […]

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Sexual Attraction Defined

Lots of people through history have been discussing about what makes a person sexually attractive. Although looks can help, some people who don’t have the look are still surrounded by women. Here are the 7 basic aspects that make a person attractive. These apply to both men and women, although it may be applied slightly […]

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Changing your Life with Sexual Transmutation

Shamanic Attraction is kind of in-between two self-development movements without fitting into any. 1. Seduction community: They are focused on satisfying their sexual desires and sacrifice their authenticity. 2. Spiritual community: They develop themselves spiritually to improve every aspect of life and mostly skip their sexuality. Some people may wonder… if I am teaching spiritual […]

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Shamanic Attraction Survey

My new website is almost ready and will be launched soon. It will be a big upgrade to my business. When I organized a coaching week-end with Rion in Montreal this summer, I realized how special my customers are. Few people in Montreal would walk one block for the event. In fact, only one guy […]

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Women?s Sexual Attractiveness

I was reading an article that gave the secret for women to have supernatural sexual attraction power: 1. Suspend Your Inner Critic 2. Be Open to Other People 3. Suspend Your Inner Critic When he says “suspend your inner critic”, he’s really onto something important. Over 95% of women in Montreal ?fail these basic points. […]

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I?m asking for your support

First I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read all the information I’m sending out and to support me. What we’re building here isn’t just a business. It is a movement and it cannot be done without you. I am working full-time on this business for the last 6 months to bring […]

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Step up for a quantum leap in your raw charisma

First, after hearing your feedback, I will change the company name from Shamanic Seduction to Shamanic Attraction. I am clearly out of the seduction community which is about taking. I am officially founding the attraction community which is about giving. Some of you may have held back your trust because of occasional incongruencies from me […]

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Debunking Skeptics

Are you skeptical about paranormal phenomenons such as animal magnetism, healing, clairvoyance, telepathy or energy? There’s a whole movement out there of skeptics debunking every such theory without objectively even looking at the facts. Let’s now debunk those skeptics shall we? Let me present you Debunking Skeptics to evaluate pseudo-skeptical criticism of the paranormal. […]

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Male version of Aegyo

I have two questions for you guys. Show me your?genius! I said that women who use Aegyo don’t abuse of their power but I was wrong. Some women in Thailand do abuse of Aegyo to get men broke. ?It works very well on Western men who crave for love. The power of masculinity is to […]

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