I have two questions for you guys. Show me your?genius!

I said that women who use Aegyo don’t abuse of their power but I was wrong. Some women in Thailand do abuse of Aegyo to get men broke. ?It works very well on Western men who crave for love. The power of masculinity is to make things happen, which is all what the Western world is about. The power of femininity is getting whatever you need from your environment out of love and respect, which is a forgotten concept in the West and sometimes abused in the East. A few rare people have a good balance of both powers.

Examples of Aegyo can be found here.

First question. Aegyo is using a peak Shakti state to show purity, love and beauty. There were good examples of it in the last post. What would be the male equivalent of Aegyo? Try to find examples of peak Yang state to show presence, unshakable confidence and undeniable charisma. Leave comments with what you find!

Second question. One of the main concepts I teach is to give to people instead of trying to take from them. “Seduction” has a connotation of trying to take from people so it has a connotation mismatch with what I do. What do you personally prefer? Shamanic Seduction or Shamanic Attraction? Let me know your thoughts!

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