Shamanic Attraction is kind of in-between two self-development movements without fitting into any.

1. Seduction community: They are focused on satisfying their sexual desires and sacrifice their authenticity.
2. Spiritual community: They develop themselves spiritually to improve every aspect of life and mostly skip their sexuality.

Some people may wonder… if I am teaching spiritual development and improving every aspect of life, why am I so focused on sexuality?

We are actually doing sexual transmutation. We are channeling our sexual energy to make profound changes into our lives. Napoleon Hill talks about Sexual Transmutation in his famous book Think and Grow Rich. Sex is a very powerful force of life. Our sexual energy is grounded to the Earth and our love energy is grounded to the Universe, so in some way we could say that sexuality is half of life. That’s why it is so important. That’s why we want to solve this so badly. That’s why it is so powerful.

Your sexual energy can lead you to leave everything behind and to travel. It can motivate you to bring profound changes into your life. It can guide you to be with some people instead of other people.

You can also transmute your sexual energy into creativity. It can bring you inspiration to compose some of the finest music or to paint some of the most?beautiful?drawings. It can bring you strength to build projects and businesses. It can bring you motivation to follow your dreams until the end.

Sexuality is a very powerful force that you can use to move your life forward in all areas.

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