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Free Video: Talk to Strangers

The seventh way to improve your sexual attractiveness is to talk with strangers! To arrange your lifestyle so that you constantly meet new people. [youtube][/youtube] If you stay home, nothing is going to happen. Arrange your lifestyle so that you meet women daily, such as in events, meetings or bars. Small events where you are […]

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Be the change you want to see in the world

The #1 most resisted and avoided idea is probably this one: to be the change you want to see in the world. Many people are not satisfied with the dynamics of our society for good reasons. People like to talk about the problems (Zeitgeist Movement), people like to complain and to avoid them (Happier Abroad […]

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Changing your Life with Sexual Transmutation

Shamanic Attraction is kind of in-between two self-development movements without fitting into any. 1. Seduction community: They are focused on satisfying their sexual desires and sacrifice their authenticity. 2. Spiritual community: They develop themselves spiritually to improve every aspect of life and mostly skip their sexuality. Some people may wonder… if I am teaching spiritual […]

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What?s the difference between products?

Now that I have several products out, it can be confusing for some of you. Let?s clarify the difference between Authentic Seduction, The Secret Key to attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life, and Sexual Magnetism. Sexual Magnetism is the core of what I teach. It is a solid foundation to understand and […]

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