Lots of people through history have been discussing about what makes a person sexually attractive. Although looks can help, some people who don’t have the look are still surrounded by women. Here are the 7 basic aspects that make a person attractive. These apply to both men and women, although it may be applied slightly differently.

1. Boldness. Sexually attractive men do whatever they want and don’t care about what people think. They’ll sit down with total strangers. They’ll say directly what they think. They’ll dress the way they like. They may sometimes do goofy stuff but they also respect others. That fearlessness is very attractive and inspiring. Everybody around wants to have that freedom.

2. Authenticity.Sexually attractive men don’t hide behind masks and fears. They are transparent, authentic and congruent. It’s not enough just to be yourself. You have to take away all the fears and social conditioning to uncover the pure and powerful authentic self within you.

3. Presence. Sexually attractive men are not dreaming about the future or dwelling about the past. They create their future by living in the present moment. These people are fully in their hearts and bodies instead of being stuck in their heads. They are in this state of well being and flow through life.

4. Inner Strength. The greatest aphrodisiac to women is power. When someone has inner strength, his presence demands respect and he doesn’t need to force anyone. These men have the strength and courage to step up when they need to. It makes women feel safe.

5. Carefreeness. Sexually attractive men don’t worry about what people think, they don’t worry about the details in life and they stay calm when facing challenges. It’s refreshing to be around someone who lives his life with so little worries. The small pleasures of life become bigger and the big problems become smaller.

6. Awareness. Sexually attractive men are aware of what’s happening around them. They are aware of who people are and they can feel a woman’s heart and integrity. This awareness instantly creates bonds between people and they feel like they have known each others for a long time.

7. Openness. Sexually attractive men are open to meet new people. They are not defensive, they know how to listen and they learn from others. These people are often social hubs and are connected with a lot of people.

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