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Active Manifestation vs Passive Attraction

I realize some of the things I wrote recently may be perceived with a similar skepticism or resistance as when I told pick-up artists not to pursue women. The reason is that the approach to manifesting money is different than the approach to attracting women. Taking responsibility to make women want you doesn’t work, and […]

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Nassim Haramein, Science of Spirituality

Lots of people in the spiritual world say that we are all emotionally connected. But if you can’t tell me HOW we are emotionally connected, it’s just a nice belief. Faith is believing in something you don’t understand. When you replace believing with understanding, religions and opinions don’t matter anymore. Nassim Haramein is a physician […]

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Distance Healing Experiments

Lately I have been experimenting with distance healing. It has been a very interesting experiment. I’ve seen a lot of things I didn’t except. After 5 minutes of distance healing, one person saw HUGE changes on serious painful issues he had his entire life. I’ve been working an entire hour on another person whose energy […]

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Updates and Corrections

Here are a few updates. First, I updated the automatic emails with the new series of videos so you will receive the 16 videos if you are on the mailing list. You will receive a short video every 5 days. If you already saw some of the videos, you can ignore the emails, but you […]

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E.D.G.E. Fuel Device – From Spirituality to Science

As you probably know, science and spirituality are getting very close to each others. I have been searching for a new generation of technologies that result from the bond between spirituality and science. So far, everything I found was to alter the human energy field and the effect could only be perceived by someone who […]

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Debunking Skeptics

Are you skeptical about paranormal phenomenons such as animal magnetism, healing, clairvoyance, telepathy or energy? There’s a whole movement out there of skeptics debunking every such theory without objectively even looking at the facts. Let’s now debunk those skeptics shall we? Let me present you Debunking Skeptics to evaluate pseudo-skeptical criticism of the paranormal. […]

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How to break the laws of physics

Most people consider science to be the absolute truth? that changes every five years. I will show you how this way of thinking is flawed and how it has distorted all of our lives. First, let?s look at quantum physics. It was invented because the observations of atoms didn?t match physics laws, and they don?t […]

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