First, after hearing your feedback, I will change the company name from Shamanic Seduction to Shamanic Attraction. I am clearly out of the seduction community which is about taking. I am officially founding the attraction community which is about giving. Some of you may have held back your trust because of occasional incongruencies from me or Rion. Both my products are very congruent and got me great feedback. People who coached with me had awesome improvements in their lives. The congruency has to be in the way I communicate things to you, such as in the business name. I am also currently working on up-scaling the quality of the website. It will be entirely rebuilt soon.

As you probably know, me and Rion Williams are holding an Empowerment & Attraction workshop on October 8-10th in Montreal. There are still a few spots left.

I am sure you have all kind of good excuses NOT to come, such as

– It’s too expensive for you? For the price of Sexual Magnetism and 4 coaching calls with me, you get 3 full days live with me AND Rion AND you also get Sexual Magnetism e-book.

– You’re not sure the results will be worth it? Lots of people go to seduction bootcamps, are on a high, get great results, come back home and everything is the same as before, so this is a valid concern. However, when you work with me and Rion, we work on integrating changes at your core, which will impacts the rest of your life. Knowledge becomes awareness through experience. I also became very effective at detecting and releasing the blockages that hold people back. At this workshop, we’re not working on women. We’re working on YOU.

– You want to do it later? I am most likely leaving to Peru in January so this is most likely the last event with me and Rion for a while.

Excuses are just that: excuses to stay in your comfort zone.

Here is why you should absolutely attend this event

– To fully integrate what you’ve been studying intellectually. Knowledge becomes awareness through experience. Just hanging around me and Rion will make you experience and sink into a new reality.

– To make a quantum leap in your success with women. This week-end can literally save you a year of self-development (or a few lifetimes if you don’t follow what we teach). The time you save and the increase in your quality of life is priceless.

– To learn a LOT of things you didn’t know you didn’t know (DNDN). These DNDN are the hardest to learn by yourself, and you potentially wouldn’t know you don’t know them in your lifetime.

This is a unique experience, especially since you have the only two teachers of the Attraction and Intimacy industry in the world.

Me and Rion are usually traveling around the world so it’s rare we both are in North America to organize such an event.

If you still are not sure, let me know what makes you hesitate.

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