There are quite a few changes going on. Here is the direction I am taking with the community I want to create. This will be a very unique community. If you talk about some of these topics on other forums, you may get flamed if the threads don’t get locked, deleted or ignored. This will be a space where you can talk about cooperation, spirituality and emotional inter-connectedness without facing resistances. See if this is something you want to be part of!

Our Philosophy

Then, I added some new bonuses to Sexual Magnetism:

– Authentic Attraction, which will?beautifully?complement Sexual Magnetism if you don’t purchase it separately

– The Secret Key to Attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life. This 4-hour long audio program was produced before Authentic Attraction and was discontinued. It covers a LOT of valuable information. I am putting it back as a bonus.

– The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma, a very powerful e-book.

– Natural Grounding Guide 2011 from Rion Williams. This is the new version.

I also started writing a few advanced chapters for Sexual Magnetism. Until the new version comes out, the price will remain the same with all the additional bonuses AND you will also have access to the new version. Once the new version of Sexual Magnetism comes out, the price will go up.

It will cover very advanced and powerful topics you won’t find anywhere on the Internet such as Alchemy, energy fragmentation, negative portals and a special type of visualization that is extremely powerful. You will learn how to heal some types of energy weaknesses that cannot be healed by Natural Grounding, Reiki, EFT or Sedona Method. These weaknesses have concrete impacts on your life so you will definitely want to get those handled.

I searched a lot the Internet and the only thing I found was one article in French about energy fragmentation. It didn’t say how to heal it. I found nothing else.

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