I was reading an article that gave the secret for women to have supernatural sexual attraction power:

1. Suspend Your Inner Critic
2. Be Open to Other People
3. Suspend Your Inner Critic

When he says “suspend your inner critic”, he’s really onto something important. Over 95% of women in Montreal ?fail these basic points. Then they think their problem is that they are overweight!? Common.

Even women who do a lot of spiritual development, and I would almost say especially them, ?have their inner critic voice constantly running. Having dated a fair amount of self-development coaches and healers, it seems that with all the work they do on themselves, many are still very criticizing because “they know what they want”, yet they can’t have it because they want perfection and will criticize almost everything. All these coaches I dated were single and I often felt like I always had to be perfect and couldn’t just be myself.

There’s another very important point to add to the list. Some of the healers I dated did work on developing their Shakti feminine energy. Yet, they don’t provide ?the same relationship experience as some foreign women who never did any kind of self-development. Why is that?

I was talking with a woman who is a powerful healer and I asked her opinion about some aspects of Natural Grounding. She told me it was juvenile feminine energy, not mature women who assumed their power. And then I realized… when she talks about women who assume their power, she talks about women who have a good balance of Yin/Yang or even women who are more in their masculinity. All the women I know in Montreal who developed their Shakti/Yin/feminine side have an even stronger Yang/masculine side. Women are like cargo boats. Some women work on guiding their cargo through intuition instead of through GPS to have more ease and freedom. Yet, there’s a big difference between an intuition-guided cargo boat and an angel! That’s why the most developed women here don’t provide the same relationship experience as some foreign women who have the lightness and ease of angels. Some Western women develop their feminine side as long as they stay in the security of their even stronger masculine side.

Two questions remain and I would like to hear your opinion.

1. Why do so many Western women keep their inner critic voice running instead of ?accepting and embracing life as it is?

2. Why are Western women so damn afraid of letting go of the ground and flowing in their femininity?

Post your thoughts and comments!

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