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Distance Healing Experiments

Lately I have been experimenting with distance healing. It has been a very interesting experiment. I’ve seen a lot of things I didn’t except. After 5 minutes of distance healing, one person saw HUGE changes on serious painful issues he had his entire life. I’ve been working an entire hour on another person whose energy […]

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Rational skepticism… or not?

Many people, especially in the academic world, look at the world in a very rational way. They view everything related to energies and spirituality with skepticism, a rational skepticism. People involved in groups often seek approval and recognition. For example, Wikipedia wants to be recognized as a legit encyclopedia. The Zeitgeist Movement wants to be […]

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Nassim Haramein on Unified Field Theory

Here’s more important fundamental changes happening right now. Nassim Haramein’s paper on the The Schwartzschild Proton has just been approved and published in the American Institute of Physics magazine a few days ago! This means his radically different physics theories are now entering mainstream science. This marks the end of Quantum Physics and Classical Physics. […]

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Debunking Skeptics

Are you skeptical about paranormal phenomenons such as animal magnetism, healing, clairvoyance, telepathy or energy? There’s a whole movement out there of skeptics debunking every such theory without objectively even looking at the facts. Let’s now debunk those skeptics shall we? Let me present you Debunking Skeptics to evaluate pseudo-skeptical criticism of the paranormal. […]

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