What is Sexual Attraction?

Definition: Attractiveness on the Basis of Sexual Desire.

Attraction between two people can happen on various levels. There can be a mental mutual interest. There can be love for each other. There can be a polarity and complimentariness. There can be a sexual attraction. Attraction between people involves these different aspects to varying degrees.

Sexual attraction can be triggered by factors which vary from one culture to the next. For example, it is sexy to be tanned in the Unites States, while it is sexy to have white skin in Thailand or Japan. However, most of the factors that vary between cultures are those determined by the mental and the ego.

There is a deeper level of sexual attraction that isn't controlled by the rational mind. This sexual attraction is a raw emotional connection and is the result of a person's animal magnetism and raw charisma.

External Traits Causing Sexual Attraction

Body. A person who takes care of his body will be much more sexually interesting. This includes being clean, wearing quality clothes, eating healthy food and being in good physical shape, among other things.

Voice. A person's self-confidence and personality is projected in his voice. A man with a high-pitch voice is usually a turn-off; so is a woman with a low, rusty voice.

Smell. A person that smells good is more sexually attractive. Being clean and wearing perfume contribute to this. Hormones and pheromones also play a role.

Internal Traits Causing Sexual Attraction

Boldness. Sexually attractive people do whatever they want and don’t care about what people think. They’ll sit down with total strangers. They’ll say directly what they think. They’ll dress the way they like. They may sometimes do goofy things but they also respect others. That fearlessness is very attractive and inspiring. Everybody around wants to have that freedom.

Authenticity. Sexually attractive people don’t hide behind masks and fears. They are transparent, authentic and congruent. It’s not enough just to be yourself. You have to take away all the fears and social conditioning to uncover the pure and powerful authentic self within you.

Presence. Sexually attractive people are not dreaming about the future or dwelling on the past. They create their future by living in the present moment. These people are fully in their hearts and bodies instead of being stuck in their heads.

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