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Free Video: Give Women Space to Be Charismatic

Lots of women say that they want a man who is a challenge. What they really want is a man who isn’t trying to get anything from them. At the end of the day, what matters is whether she wants you or not. Women have the choice of who they want. Men have the choice […]

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Free video: surround yourself with respectful people

Here’s a new free video. The #1 way to improve your dating life is to surround yourself with respectful people. 15 more videos coming soon! The number one thing that will affect your dating life, more than improving your communication skills or healing your emotional blockages, is to get rid of arrogant angry people and […]

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Vaclav Gregor Training Program Review

I’ve got something interesting for you to check out. Few days ago fitness expert Vaclav Gregor?revealed you why is so much important to take care of your physical look, especially building muscles. He has just released his new product. It?s a full 12 Week professional training program. Even though it?s a very intense training it?s […]

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Attractive Physical Body

Here’s a great article from a fitness expert, Vaclav Gregor, about developing a physical body that is attractive. First take a look at this one-minute video. Vaclav Gregor has a no-bullshit approach and says things as they are. He is connected to the scientists and experts in the field so he knows what he’s […]

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Shifting Gear

There are quite a few changes going on. Here is the direction I am taking with the community I want to create. This will be a very unique community. If you talk about some of these topics on other forums, you may get flamed if the threads don’t get locked, deleted or ignored. This will […]

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NEW VIDEO Develop Animal Magnetism with Women

I just uploaded the first new free video on YouTube. It now?replaces the video on my home page. Check it out! This video doesn’t really have new content compared to the?first version of it so it’s more like a teaser. 16 more videos to come ๐Ÿ™‚ Get our best-selling e-book Sexual Magnetism Blueprint, previously […]

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Denis Harting – Seeing Beyond Appearances

Many people ask me how to see beyond appearances. Denis Harting is the best to show you how. Denis Harting and his manager are blind since birth. He is an amazing signer. His daughter is also blind and?autistic, yet the beauty of her voice will give you goose bumps in your entire body. They are […]

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Sexual Attraction Defined

Lots of people through history have been discussing about what makes a person sexually attractive. Although looks can help, some people who don’t have the look are still surrounded by women. Here are the 7 basic aspects that make a person attractive. These apply to both men and women, although it may be applied slightly […]

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Authentic Community Constitution Draft

74% of you guys believe something is missing in how men and women relate in the Western world and the divorce rate in America is 15 times higher than in Mexico. I would like to create communities of people who want to live their lives according to authentic principles, for both men and women.The idea […]

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Shamanic Attraction Languaging

I get advice and ideas from all kind of people about where to go with my business and the ideas go in all directions. Due to the unique nature of what I teach, it is challenging to find the proper words so that communication passes without misunderstandings. In terms of search engines visibility, the good […]

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