Here’s a new free video. The #1 way to improve your dating life is to surround yourself with respectful people. 15 more videos coming soon!

The number one thing that will affect your dating life, more than improving your communication skills or healing your emotional blockages, is to get rid of arrogant angry people and to surround yourself with quality loving people. There are some women who behave like they are too good to socialize or too good to speak with you, when in fact they are angry and disrespectful towards men. They do not have to affect your opinion of yourself at all. Even if you get her you won?t want to handle the drama, trust me. Look for three basic things in women. 1. They suspend the criticizing voice in their head. 2. They are open to meet new people. 3. They are authentic in their femininity. Don?t emotionally attach yourself to the others. Shifting your target and your desires will completely change your results.

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