Lots of women say that they want a man who is a challenge. What they really want is a man who isn’t trying to get anything from them. At the end of the day, what matters is whether she wants you or not. Women have the choice of who they want. Men have the choice between the women who chose them.


The space you give to women matters more than what you say and do. You create a space by feeling good about yourself, by feeling good about them and by not having any attachment to outcomes. Approach women and talk with people in your daily life without trying to get from them. Throw a comment here and there. Have fun with people. Share good vibes. This non-neediness creates a fun space that draws women to you like a magnet, especially if you also have a strong sexual presence. When you take women?s space, they hold the power to decide whether the interaction goes forward or not. By leaving them space, you give women the opportunity to desire you.

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