Many people ask me how to see beyond appearances. Denis Harting is the best to show you how.

Denis Harting and his manager are blind since birth. He is an amazing signer. His daughter is also blind and?autistic, yet the beauty of her voice will give you goose bumps in your entire body. They are organizing a show in Montreal on November 23rd 2010 from 7pm to 9pm at Cegep Maisonneuve. You can purchase tickets here

After seeing them, you’ll forget about the small problems that have been holding you back in life. If you are overweight, have mental issues, have physical problems or even are blind, it won’t matter anymore. Denis is better than me at recognizing people and remembering names! ?The show will be in French and many of his songs are English. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t speak French. It wouldn’t matter either if you couldn’t see or hear! The value you will get from his show is on a deeper level.

Here you can see another event he organized last?February.

See you there!

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