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Vaclav Gregor Training Program Review

I’ve got something interesting for you to check out. Few days ago fitness expert Vaclav Gregor?revealed you why is so much important to take care of your physical look, especially building muscles. He has just released his new product. It?s a full 12 Week professional training program. Even though it?s a very intense training it?s […]

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Sexual Magnetism – Spark Sexual Attraction with Women

The product page for Sexual Magnetism is now ready. It is a spiritual blueprint to develop a magnetic presence that draws women to you. You will learn how your energy field affects your life and how to heal emotional blockages to change at your core. Read more about Sexual Magnetism Get our best-selling e-book Sexual […]

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Montreal Empowerment & Attraction Workshop With Rion Williams & Etienne Charland

After the huge success of our coaching week-end two weeks ago, we are doing it again. This was a legendary transformational experience for everyone. Reading about self-improvement is one thing. Experiencing it is another. Me and Rion’s energies amplify whenever we get together bringing us even more power to impact your life beyond words and […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Deepen your Relationships with Women

Some guys tell me they just want to get laid and don’t see the point of deepening their relationships unless they get married. Here are the top 3 reasons to deepen your relationships with women. 1. To have more sex. Men look for sex while women look for intimacy and connection. By giving them what […]

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What?s the difference between products?

Now that I have several products out, it can be confusing for some of you. Let?s clarify the difference between Authentic Seduction, The Secret Key to attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life, and Sexual Magnetism. Sexual Magnetism is the core of what I teach. It is a solid foundation to understand and […]

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Product Release: Authentic Seduction

Here?s some great news. I am releasing Authentic Seduction, a new audio product that provides a lot of clarity about how to connect with women and how to improve all the relationships in your life. Authentic Seduction is very concise, very focused and very affordable. So far I have excellent feedback about it (although I […]

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Men want sex, women want intimacy

There’s a difference between men and women. Men want sex while women want intimacy. Since women are the choosers, and since sex is a by-product of connecting with a woman, you want intimacy as well. If I talk about how to have more and better sex, women get on the defensive and don’t want to […]

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