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New E-book: Result-Oriented Spirituality

I finally wrote down the methodology I have intuitively been using over the years to achieve concrete results by changing from within. Spirituality is getting very popular since the last ten years yet many people still don’t achieve their goals. A very popular meditation technique is to breathe to reach stillness, yet you could breathe […]

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Arrived in Peru

I arrived in Peru a few days ago and I’ll be here for some time. I must say it was difficult to adapt to the shift of culture, energy and ambiance although I’m not exactly sure why. It’s really not the first time I leave to foreign countries. I haven’t seen much of the night […]

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FREE VIDEO: What is Healing

What does healing means to you? For some people, it means taking drugs to remove problems. For others, it means chopping off parts of the body that don’t work anymore. To me, it means unblocking the energetic system of the body so that it can regenerate and self-heal itself properly. It is also about dissolving […]

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Half-hour Seduction Coaching

I previously offered half-hour seduction coaching sessions and it was a huge success. I’m offering it again. Until December 31th, you can try 30 minutes of phone coaching for 74$. Once per customer only. Offer available until December 31h. Here’s what people got from only half an hour of coaching. “Thanks again for today’s coaching […]

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Sexual Magnetism 2011 Released

Great news! A new version of Sexual Magnetism is now released. It builds on top of the foundation of the original version and adds extremely powerful techniques. The new chapters are Eastern vs Western World: People behave differently in New-York and Bangkok. What you need to know to have success in all environments without trading […]

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Attraction and Intimacy Coaching for Men and Women

The website has just been updated with considerable changes and the coaching pages are now working. Coaching is by far the fastest way to dissolve your problems and issues. When you don’t have any problems with women, all that remains is effortless success. There are a few changes though. 1. You are no longer required […]

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Denis Harting – Seeing Beyond Appearances

Many people ask me how to see beyond appearances. Denis Harting is the best to show you how. Denis Harting and his manager are blind since birth. He is an amazing signer. His daughter is also blind and?autistic, yet the beauty of her voice will give you goose bumps in your entire body. They are […]

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Sexual Magnetism – Spark Sexual Attraction with Women

The product page for Sexual Magnetism is now ready. It is a spiritual blueprint to develop a magnetic presence that draws women to you. You will learn how your energy field affects your life and how to heal emotional blockages to change at your core. Read more about Sexual Magnetism Get our best-selling e-book Sexual […]

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The Eye of the Hurricane

There are a lot of changes going on around the world. The oil spill in the States was the worth ecological disaster in the history of America. The North Pole is melting and countries are fighting as to who will own this new piece of the Earth. A volcano completely blocked all aerial traffic?across?Europe. Iceland […]

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Self-healing with The One-Minute Cure

Since getting involved with Natural Grounding, energies and various healing methods, I very rarely get sick at all and I haven’t taken any pills for years. I have recently found some very useful products: Alchemic water from Jacques Tombazian to re-align my energy field (I’ll talk more about this when his new website is running […]

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