Here’s a great article from a fitness expert, Vaclav Gregor, about developing a physical body that is attractive.

First take a look at this one-minute video.

Vaclav Gregor has a no-bullshit approach and says things as they are. He is connected to the scientists and experts in the field so he knows what he’s talking about. Forget about taking supplements to build muscles. Forget about all the weight-loss products. Forget the conventional wisdom you hear all the time by marketing companies. Listen to what Vaclav Gregor has to say about developing a physical body that is attractive.


In today’s world it is important how you look. This applies to women but to men as well. If somebody told you that it doesn’t matter how you look I’m pretty sure that he does not really take care of his look and that is the reason why he thinks it’s not important.

I believe that great conversation skills are equally important as your physical look. Just think for a while and use a common sense, what attention do you think will get a extremely skinny guy that is great in talking to the women apart of the guy that is in killer shape and when talking to the woman she is ready to go home with him after few minutes?

Conversation skills and physical look are both essential.

Darwin has said:

The fittest survive.

The truth is that once you get in shape, people will notice you more, women will see you as confident and handsome, they will smile at you much more and they will be more open to a conversation with you as well. Just imagine what it would feel like to get immediate attention right after walking into a room, getting compliments on how good you look all the time, guys asking you what do you do that you look so good and women touching you all the time?

Sounds like a fairytale? It is not! This is all possible, if you know what to do. Most of the guys in the gym train their chest and then they train their biceps, other body parts gets very little attention if any.

Have you ever wondered why some guys look better than the others even though they seem to have same amount of muscles?

You can develop very different body shapes it depends on what muscles do you train and how hard do you train. Of course genetics play a little role as well.

If you want to build the most attractive body you need to train the hard and you will need to focus on muscles that are the most important.

So, what are the most important muscle groups?

Many people think that they are your biceps.

Even though guys will ask you how big your bicep is, nobody really cares. If you want to have masculine looking body you have to focus on your shoulders, back and chest. These are the ones that make you look “alpha”.

Ask your girlfriend or some random attractive girls, what muscles do build the attractive mam?s body.

You might be surprised that the answer you will get from them is actually similar to the one can see few paragraphs above.

You can find out more about Vaclav Gregor on his website
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