I get advice and ideas from all kind of people about where to go with my business and the ideas go in all directions. Due to the unique nature of what I teach, it is challenging to find the proper words so that communication passes without misunderstandings. In terms of search engines visibility, the good news is that there is very low competition for the relevant keywords. The bad news is that almost nobody searches for them.

One important aspect is that my mother doesn’t need to like it. People who are uptight about sexuality don’t need to like it. Feminists don’t need to like it. It has to speak to the heart of people just like 72.7% of you who feel there’s something missing in the way men and women relate with each others and in the Western world. It has to speak to people who reject the status-quo and who want more out of life in all areas.

I would like to have a few more minutes of your time to give your feedback about the language to use. This new survey is very short with only 5 questions.

Thanks for helping me help you!

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