I arrived in Peru a few days ago and I’ll be here for some time. I must say it was difficult to adapt to the shift of culture, energy and ambiance although I’m not exactly sure why. It’s really not the first time I leave to foreign countries. I haven’t seen much of the night life yet because I’ve been resting… expect yesterday where we were a bunch of people to go out on a Monday night until 5am (at one of the only places that were open).

So far I saw a few things that were interesting. Here are a few pictures. The first is a fountain at the main plaza that has been untouched for 500 years. They have never done any painting or renovation. Don’t ask me why it stays the same so long.

The second is a cross at the top of a mountain in Lima. There used to be an Inca temple at that exact spot. When the Spanish people invaded in the 1500s, they destroyed the Inca temple and built this cross. They have stories about how it protects the city. What I can say is that this cross emits a very powerful energy onto all its surroundings.

The third picture is a cross on the wall inside one of the churches. There is a metal plaque to put your hands at the base of the cross. When you put your hand there, you can feel a very clear current of energy. It’s as if the cross was plugged into the electric socket… except that it’s a different energy.

The Incas were one of the largest empires in the World up to the 1500s. I really believe they had various technologies based on energies. Much of it should still be there. All these people strongly believe in energies, Karma, healing and all these things. I went to the home of some friends in Lima and the whole family was asking me questions about energies, Karma and healing. I was shocked. I’m not used to talk about these things so openly. Based on my experience with religions in Quebec, I always assumed that Christianity was about giving their power to some external entity and repressing sexuality, and I usually couldn’t speak so much about healing and personal power to religious people in my country. It looks like the Christianity here in Peru is different. It is mixed with the ancestral Inca beliefs. There is a lot to explore.

About women… I was ordering a sandwich at a Dunkin Donuts. I asked the cashier

Me: Do you want one?
Her: Are you offering me one?
Me: Well… we could go for a beer.
Her: I can’t, I’m working.
Me: After work.
Her: ?OK. Where should I wait for you?

Opportunities are definitely there but I’m taking it quiet for now. When arriving in a new culture, it can be good to slow down and observe to understand the social dynamics. People warn me about various things to avoid and various places that aren’t safe to go. I don’t want to be fooled and robbed by a woman either. Thus, I’m staying quiet… for now. For example, if you go to Thailand and take the first opportunity that comes to you, you’ll either end up with a prostitute or a lady-boy. Here in Lima, I was going for a tour around the city at 11am. A girl came to me and asked me if I had a wife and if I was looking for love. She followed me for a while. If it wasn’t 11 in the morning I would have thought she was a prostitute… but I turned her down and I still don’t know what she really wanted.

This is going to be an interesting trip.

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