What does healing means to you? For some people, it means taking drugs to remove problems. For others, it means chopping off parts of the body that don’t work anymore. To me, it means unblocking the energetic system of the body so that it can regenerate and self-heal itself properly. It is also about dissolving fears and anxieties to live life vibrantly.

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Healing is about overcoming physical and emotional issues by restoring a healthy flow of energy. The body has the ability to totally regenerate itself. However, emotional and spiritual diseases ? when someone is not at ease emotionally and spiritually ? prevent the proper regeneration of the body and eventually cause physical problems. Spiritual healers deal with various issues that are not officially considered diseases, such as fear of women, approach anxiety, fear of intimacy, subtle emotional traumas and lack of inspiration. Medicine is about solving problems and cannot do anything for you until you get into serious issues. Healing can solve problems, but it is mostly about making a great life even better and preventing problems. It is about making your life inspiring for others.

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