I previously offered half-hour seduction coaching sessions and it was a huge success. I’m offering it again. Until December 31th, you can try 30 minutes of phone coaching for 74$. Once per customer only. Offer available until December 31h.

Here’s what people got from only half an hour of coaching.

“Thanks again for today’s coaching session – I gained value from: 1.?Taking a closer look at my nervousness and how to deal with it. 2.?Learning how to properly implement natural grounding (e.g. longer sessions) 3.?The idea of “switching off” the logical part of the mind to allow the more natural, subconscious?part to operate.?I will strive to integrate this new knowledge in my life, and will get in touch with you if I feel I?need additional coaching. Best regards” – Vlad (Canada)

“Taking your advice of integrating what I perceived as dualities has been extremely helpful! Thank you?and many blessings.” – Noah (USA)

“Your guidance on the call, to get certain aspects down first, feels right to me, so I will follow suite on it. Thanks again for everything. I’ll be in touch as things will seep in and I’ll be ready for continued development. Warm Regards” – Cha (USA)

To apply for coaching, fill the form at

Filling this form ?will allow us to be laser-focused on what to work on. Write “30 minutes consultation” under “Additional comments”.

I am even more effective at bringing changes into people’s lives than I was before. The new version of Sexual Magnetism talks about energy fragmentation and portals and how to heal them. Having worked on those specific issues with several people already, most people can easily detect them but have more difficulty clearing them properly. Half an hour is more than enough to heal this completely. This alone will make a huge difference in the results you get from Natural Grounding. It’s like fixing a hole in a boat.

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