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Tesla’s Free Energy Blueprint

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors in history. He invented many technologies we use in our daily lives such as alternating current and spark plugs among many others. He was also known for inventing free energy before being cut his funds and removed from history books. Many of his inventions never saw the […]

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Nassim Haramein, Science of Spirituality

Lots of people in the spiritual world say that we are all emotionally connected. But if you can’t tell me HOW we are emotionally connected, it’s just a nice belief. Faith is believing in something you don’t understand. When you replace believing with understanding, religions and opinions don’t matter anymore. Nassim Haramein is a physician […]

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Sexual Magnetism 2011 Released

Great news! A new version of Sexual Magnetism is now released. It builds on top of the foundation of the original version and adds extremely powerful techniques. The new chapters are Eastern vs Western World: People behave differently in New-York and Bangkok. What you need to know to have success in all environments without trading […]

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How to break the laws of physics

Most people consider science to be the absolute truth? that changes every five years. I will show you how this way of thinking is flawed and how it has distorted all of our lives. First, let?s look at quantum physics. It was invented because the observations of atoms didn?t match physics laws, and they don?t […]

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Is there really ?vibrations? connecting us?

The Laws of Attraction state that whatever you focus on, you attract it into your life. Does it do so only by shifting our attitude, or can our mind affect things outside our awareness? The real question is: is there really “vibrations” connecting us? Many people say so and many others say it’s bullshit. Here’s […]

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