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Free Video: Don’t Think About What to Say to a Girl

Here’s the third best way to improve your sexual attractiveness: don’t think about what to say to a girl. You may want to do and say the right thing, but the truth is, the less you think or care about what to say, the more spontaneous and genuine you are and the better it is. […]

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Half-hour Seduction Coaching

I previously offered half-hour seduction coaching sessions and it was a huge success. I’m offering it again. Until December 31th, you can try 30 minutes of phone coaching for 74$. Once per customer only. Offer available until December 31h. Here’s what people got from only half an hour of coaching. “Thanks again for today’s coaching […]

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Vaclav Gregor Training Program Review

I’ve got something interesting for you to check out. Few days ago fitness expert Vaclav Gregor?revealed you why is so much important to take care of your physical look, especially building muscles. He has just released his new product. It?s a full 12 Week professional training program. Even though it?s a very intense training it?s […]

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Attraction and Intimacy Coaching for Men and Women

The website has just been updated with considerable changes and the coaching pages are now working. Coaching is by far the fastest way to dissolve your problems and issues. When you don’t have any problems with women, all that remains is effortless success. There are a few changes though. 1. You are no longer required […]

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What brought you here?

With the information I got from you guys, I noticed that most of you are – men who feel there is something missing in how men and women relate in the Western world – inexperienced men and virgins from around the world – experienced authentic men who want to reach the next level – women […]

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Be the change you want to see in the world

The #1 most resisted and avoided idea is probably this one: to be the change you want to see in the world. Many people are not satisfied with the dynamics of our society for good reasons. People like to talk about the problems (Zeitgeist Movement), people like to complain and to avoid them (Happier Abroad […]

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Authentic Attraction – Live your Relationships with Authenticity, Empowerment and Freedom

The sales page for Authentic Attraction is now ready. It is an affordable product and is excellent to improve and reframe all the existing relationships in your life. Check it out! Authentic Attraction Other pages of the website will be completed soon. Get our best-selling e-book Sexual Magnetism Blueprint, previously sold $147, now for FREE!

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Shamanic Attraction New Website Up!

Here’s some great news! Shamanic Attraction new website is now up and running! It provides much more information such as my story and spiritual path. It also makes it much easier to access the blog and forum. You get lifetime access to the forum after purchasing any product. If you use social medias, make […]

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Marriage Strike – Why is divorce rate so high?

Over the last few years, medias have been talking about a Marriage Strike which was followed by a Sex Strike. What is this all about? First let look at some statistics: Marriage Rates (from the University of Maryland) Marriage Rates The first thing you’ll notice is that the marriage rate passed from 80 to 50 […]

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Shamanic Attraction Languaging

I get advice and ideas from all kind of people about where to go with my business and the ideas go in all directions. Due to the unique nature of what I teach, it is challenging to find the proper words so that communication passes without misunderstandings. In terms of search engines visibility, the good […]

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