Over the last few years, medias have been talking about a Marriage Strike which was followed by a Sex Strike. What is this all about?

First let look at some statistics: Marriage Rates (from the University of Maryland)
Marriage Rates

The first thing you’ll notice is that the marriage rate passed from 80 to 50 marriages per 1000 unmarried women 15+ between 1970 and 2000. I heard that it was getting a much more serious issue in the recent years but I don’t have any statistics.

So what is causing this? Since the feminism movement, lots of men are struggling to find their place in relationships. Women have become masculine and men have lost their masculinity. The natural polarity has been removed from relationships. As a result, people experience drama instead of passion. Women tell men they’re not good enough. Medias tell men it’s their fault. Gurus tell men to fix themselves. People run around trying to fix themselves without realizing what’s really happening.

Over the years, men and women have lost touch with their authentic self in the Western world. The workplace became more competitive and fast-paced. Women became more masculine. Religions have been dropped. People became more in their heads and less connected to their hearts. People have based their lives on production and accomplishment and forgot about well-being and authenticity. These are very real changes but you have to go outside the country in order to see the difference. Over the last few years, lots of people woke up to spirituality and started to see what’s really happening.

Why would a man want to get married when 50% of marriages end up in divorce? Especially when he faces all kind of drama and there isn’t much attraction and polarity in the relationship. 74% of people in my mailing list believe there is something missing in how men and women relate in the Western world. This doesn’t encourage people to marry.

Here are some statistics about divorces around the world.
Divorce Rates

The difference between USA and Mexico is shocking: 4.95 vs 0.33 divorces per 1000 habitants! That’s 15 times more divorces than the adjacent country. No wonder why white Americans fear to become a minority by 2040 due to Hispanic birth rate. These statistics clearly show the geographical delimitations of what I call the Western world having relationship problems: United States, United Kingdon, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Somehow Russia and Puerto Rico are also on the list of high divorces but probably for other reasons

Another aspect I have been talking about is that, in my experience, relationships with some women from foreign countries who didn’t do any kind of self-development provide a better relationship experience than with some of the most spiritually evolved women in Canada who do a lot of self-development. I identified 3 key points that made all the difference and left the article with two questions.
Women’s Attractiveness

After 23 feedback, I still don’t have a clear answer to these two questions, but if we want to bridge the gap between men and women, we’ll have to answer these two questions properly:

1. Why do so many Western women keep their inner critic voice running instead of ?accepting and embracing life as it is?

2. Why are Western women so afraid of letting go of the ground and flowing in their femininity?

I shared these questions with several women but only heard back from one so far. I just received the books The Way of the Superior Man and The Power of Now which may contain some answers so I’ll start reading them.

The solution is to reconnect with your authentic self and to connect with authentic people. However, if we look at men who had the most success uncovering their purity and attracting women, there’s one who had women all over him in England. He got bored of them and moved to South America. I’m also moving to South America within a few months. The other men who have a lot of success with women seem to travel a lot.

If you’re not living in one of the countries I listed, it makes it much easier for you. Otherwise, it’s one thing to get the best experiences you can from women around. It’s another thing to experience strong chemistry with women abroad. It’s yet another thing to experience that strong chemistry back to your local community. You have to ask yourself which level you are aiming at.

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