Lots of people in the spiritual world say that we are all emotionally connected. But if you can’t tell me HOW we are emotionally connected, it’s just a nice belief. Faith is believing in something you don’t understand. When you replace believing with understanding, religions and opinions don’t matter anymore.

Nassim Haramein is a physician who is causing a lot of movement in the scientific world by asking very simple questions that put into question very fundamental principles of our modern physics. The things he expose have very deep implications in our understanding of life and the Universe. It bridges the gap between spirituality and science and also bridges the gap between quantum physics and classical physics, which Einstein had been unable to achieve. He includes into his equations various concepts that other scientists prefer to just ignore. He’s the first physician to bring a science of spirituality.

Nassim Haramein has published a paper called The Schwarzschild Proton which received an award to his big surprise. This paper has the effect of a bomb-shell in the scientific community. He’s basically proving that atoms are black holes and that the Universe is within a black hole.

According to Nassim Haramein, here’s what’s wrong with the physics taught in schools
– We are ignoring 96% of the mass of the Universe and 99.99999% of our atoms… which is space!
– We are inventing a new mass and call it “dark energy” just so that the equations work
– We are inventing a new force and call it “strong force” to explain that protons stay together. Physics as you go!
– We are ignoring the fact that Quantum Physics equations say that our atoms have an infinite amount of energy
– Our concept of dimensions is flawed
– We talk about the expansion of the Universe and ignore the fact that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction
– Modern science can’t explain spiritual experiences. Nassim Haramein is bridging the gap between spirituality and science.
– Much more.

This conference is a MUST SEE!! It will change your current understanding of life.

Do NOT watch this video if you have a physics exam to pass.

This is the science of spirituality in simple terms that anyone can understand.

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