I realize some of the things I wrote recently may be perceived with a similar skepticism or resistance as when I told pick-up artists not to pursue women. The reason is that the approach to manifesting money is different than the approach to attracting women. Taking responsibility to make women want you doesn’t work, and being carefree and detached in business doesn’t work. Carefreeness, which is a feminine trait, is the opposite of taking responsibility, which is a masculine trait. These two different approaches to life can be confusing. Being carefree and fully living the present moment can work to earn money, but only if it’s a job with a manager taking responsibility for the overall project.

Many people fail because they try to apply the wrong approach to the wrong aspect of their life, or develop a certain way of being that works in one area and try to apply it to other areas. I’m not saying you should develop a dual personality. You can master both approaches independently and live them at the same time. You can definitely take 100% responsibility for your life and be carefree and detached at the same time.

Relationships require a feminine way of living life: carefreeness, detachment, vulnerability and fully living the present moment, which is GREATLY needed in Western countries. That is why some guys doing Natural Grounding had difficulty developing a strong masculine presence: it’s a feminine approach to begin with. That’s also why men who already had a strong masculine presence and who were goal-oriented got the fastest and easiest results from Sexual Magnetism.

Earning money requires a masculine way of living life: taking full responsibility, making things happen and following your life purpose. Since we life in a very masculine society, many people try to carry this approach into their relationships. PUAs take responsibility for making girls like them; girls take responsibility to shape their men and relationships. Both produce horrible results in relationships.

You have to keep the proper ways of living in the right areas of your life and clearly understand the difference. When you have both skill sets and use them properly, that’s when you start seeing very interesting results in relationships, with women and in all areas of your life.

So the question would be: should you seek to develop both at the same time or focus on learning one approach at a time? There are some of you who are currently actively seeking to get away from the masculine way of living life to be more carefree, enjoy more life and have a better love life. If that’s the case for you, the “Miracle of Money” event may not be the best match right now.

However, there are also some of you who made great improvements with your relationships yet don’t live at the financial level your desire, or haven’t fully stepped into your masculinity. If that’s the case, learning the masculine way of living life and taking responsibility for making miracles happen in your life would greatly help you step up to a higher level.

I would say you can alternate between the approaches you learn, and focus on learning one at any given time. Then you can live and master both at the same time.

I personally have been focused on mastering relationships and carefreeness for several years. Learning a more masculine approach gave me a new perspective to look at everything I’ve been doing so far, and many of the breakthroughs I had with earning money also applied to dating. It really brought my life to a much higher level to learn both approaches.

As for the direction of this business, I made the shift from attracting women to self-transformation a while ago. I am now rebranding as Spiritual Self Transformation. I will still teach about sexuality and relationships (to both men and women), but only to people who are seeking to live their life purpose. Teaching from this higher perspective will bring much more leverage to the results you get.

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