As you probably know, science and spirituality are getting very close to each others. I have been searching for a new generation of technologies that result from the bond between spirituality and science. So far, everything I found was to alter the human energy field and the effect could only be perceived by someone who is clairvoyant, by doing a muscle test or through Kirlian photography. I just went to Las Vegas for an international business club called CEO Space and I found something really interesting: the first technology based on the quantum field that applies to something else than the human energy field and that you can clearly observe the result. No more placebo effects, illusions or mind tricks. You clearly see very odd results within a few minutes that defy common sense.

The E.D.G.E. is a 2″x2″ foil sticker that you put near your car gas tank. It cleans the gas, reduces fuel consumption by 30%, makes only steam go out of your exhaust pipe, makes your car RPM instantly drop and increases the power of the car. It doesn’t make any logical, scientific or explainable sense, yet the result can clearly be seen within 5 minutes.

It doesn’t physically alter the gas. It programs the Quantum Field behind the gas like a software to alter the way physical matter behaves. The new technology he uses could be called Quantum Field Software, and that’s HUGE. It could be applied in so many other ways. I spent a few hours talking with the inventor Jos Daniel. He’s really onto something and he knows more than me about energies.
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Most people are very skeptic when they hear this so you probably are as well. With the fundamental advencements in science, there HAS to be huge new possibilities appearing that seem impossible when looking at it from a traditional science perspective. Many scientists realized we are all emotionally connected and realized there are black holes within every atom and wave. Also, Nobel loreate Luc Montagnier supported the theory of water memory in July 2010 in front of hundreds of scientists which caused a lot of noise in the scientific community. Programming the Quantum Field isn’t very exotic to water memory. With an E.D.G.E. device, ?result can be seen within 5 minutes and it has a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Another huge aspect is the humanitarian need. He refused billionaire investors and he refused TV shopping channels like QVC (who were at CEO Space). We need to reduce our dependency to fuel right now and we need to reduce pollution right now, not in 5 years. He doesn’t want to centralize money in the pockets of a few rich people, he wants everybody to benefit from it. He also wants it not to be too visible and to come from underground so that he doesn’t get blocked by the energy industry. Thus, he is selling it through network marketing.

I am telling you all this for 3 reasons.

1. To realize that we are really bridging the gap between spirituality and science and that we are moving onto a new era of technologies and behaviors.

2. If you have a car, you can get it to reduce your gas cost and to eliminate pollution through clean combustion.

3. Since I know many of you need money or can’t find a job with the economic crash, this is a HUGE opportunity to make income. Here’s an easy way to make money. Get a device to test it. If it doesn’t work, return it. If it DOES work, go see a company in your area that has a fleet of trucks and install it on one of the trucks. Ask them to give you feedback about how it goes. When they realize their truck fuel usage reduces by over 30%, they’ll want to install it on every truck of their fleet (one device per tank).

Of course, skepticism is a good thing. Before talking about it to others, try it by yourself. I have seen the technology at work, I have spoken for hours with the inventors and I have seen things “inside” the technology I have never seen before. If you are clairvoyant, you may see interesting things within it… Anyway, the final test to clearly see whether it works or not is to hear the feedback from you guys who do it by yourself without anyone else around influencing the experiment.

Another thing: The first ones who register as distributors will be right under me in the multi-level marketing system. I often talk about spirituality and science and I often talk about topics that are way more advanced than what most people are ready to understand, so this kind of technology isn’t very far ahead of what I usually say. Thus, there are many people in my list who are open to this kind of ideas and technologies. All the next ones who register as distributors will appear under you which will bring you income much faster. Once you realize it really works, you’ll realize anyone who has a car needs it so the market is HUGE and will grow extremely fast.

As a final note, it is cheaper to subscribe as a retailer and to purchase it at retailer price than to purchase it at retail price. Also, they currently only ship to USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. It has spread like crazy in Sweden as scandinavian countries are the most advanced in terms of ecology in the world.?To subscribe, click on?”Join/Sign Up” on the left.

You’ll thank me after you test it yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰

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