Lately I have been experimenting with distance healing. It has been a very interesting experiment. I’ve seen a lot of things I didn’t except. After 5 minutes of distance healing, one person saw HUGE changes on serious painful issues he had his entire life. I’ve been working an entire hour on another person whose energy was tightly chained up like a slave and it is very difficult to get anything to move at all. I’ve seen everything in-between while working with people all over the world. I might also have freaked out a skeptic on a forum.

This gets me to realize… I’d rather spend my time doing miracles in people’s lives than convincing skeptics. If I go down that road, it might mean a few things

1. I will work with people who are ready and won’t waste time on those who aren’t.

2. I may talk about more advanced energy concepts that are beyond most people’s view of reality

3. I will not use mainstream consciousness and beliefs as a frame of reference for the way I explain topics. Rion Williams is doing a great job to bring some advanced concepts down to ‘modern american life’ so that materialist people can connect and understand it. However, my writing style is very distinct, shorter and more precise. I go straight to the advanced points and you understand it when you are ready for it.

4. If this starts getting media exposure, I’m not sure what kind of clash it would do with mainstream beliefs. I am very clear and precise when talking about energies and emotions. I can make anyone in front of me feel energy within 30 seconds. I can now do very powerful distance healing on anyone who gives me permission and say a lot about that person. All this is very observable and demonstrable.

5. This might also mean I’ll work more internationally and less with people in Canada/USA who often aren’t ready for this. One interesting observation about the new ebook Result-Oriented Spirituality is that it got purchased in a wide variety of countries and got very few sales in Canada/USA (less than 10%).

In the end, I want to do and teach what I do best and what resonates the most with me. I’d also like to hear what you have to say about this and what you would like to hear more about. Send me your thoughts and comments!

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