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Why tons of women?

Many people who are in the seduction community and most seduction marketers talk about getting “tons of women”. It got me to wonder? why tons of women? I don?t know about you, but personally, I find that 2 or 3 great women take all of my free time. I wouldn?t have time for more. Why […]

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What is happening right now for 2012?

You?ve probably heard all kind of rumors about 2012. The real question is not what will happen, but what is happening right now in preparation for it. First of all, some people talk about the end of the world but that?s non-sense. It?s not the end of the world at all, but it may be […]

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Are you happier abroad?

Here?s a very interesting website that expose precise facts about dating and social life in North America compared to the rest of the world. Warning: this website is VERY politically incorrect and may offend some. Here?s a comparison of life in America and life in most other countries. Here are just a few […]

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Beauty is soul-deep, not skin-deep

I believe beauty is in the depth of the soul, while most people in the Western world look at beauty at the surface of the skin. You may not view it as a problem, but I am sure you experience very concrete problems in your daily life that result from this belief. You may often […]

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We are all emotionally connected, not isolated systems

I believe we are all emotionally connected, while most people in the Western world think we are isolated systems. This belief has many impacts in our daily lives. First let?s look at the foundation of the belief of isolated systems. We got this way of thinking from school, and I suppose it comes from our […]

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Questions about success

Here’s a question from a subscriber ————————————————————- Hey Etienne, Seems like that seminar really inspired you to take your business to a whole new level, congrats! The reason I am emailing you is because I was talking to a acquaintance in a sport I did in high school.? He was actually a really good athlete […]

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What is seduction

You are learning about seduction… but what is seduction? It is not about seducing women, it is about living a seducing life. It is about seducing yourself, seducing life, seducing friends, seducing strangers, seducing customers, seducing allies, seducing enemies — and seducing women. How can you seduce a woman if you can’t seduce yourself? How […]

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Mating was not meant to be so complicated

I said many times that if mating was meant to be as complicated as it is, we wouldn’t be here today. I had no clue how right I was. I rarely read newspapers, but I happened to flip through the newspaper today and saw an articles that says that in 40 years, white people may […]

A World of Abundance

Question for you: In a world where everything we need is already out there and where we have all the technologies to automate all the work required, how come, if you can’t have one of the few full-time jobs left, can’t you buy food and have a home? I was quite honestly not able to […]

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Vicky Christina Barcelona Review

I just watched the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. Having lived in Barcelona and traveled everywhere for a year, I must say I love that country. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go watch it. It represents in images several things I’ve been thinking. First, the man in the movie gives a very good seduction […]

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