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Meaning of Korean Aegyo

There are very few words in the English language to describe the energies, emotions and spiritual concepts I teach. However, it’s interesting to find such words in other languages. What I used to call sexual magnetism has an official term: animal magnetism. Feminine Yin energy has an official term in India: Shakti. Here’s a new […]

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How to Deal With Bitchy Women

A big part of empowering your dating and social life is to become aware of the culture you live in. It?s like telling a fish what water is, he will never know until he gets out of it. Besides going out of the country, the best way to become aware of your culture is to […]

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How to Improve Dating in America

Many people wonder about the difference between dating in the Western World vs. the rest of the world. Anything you do to meet women will be much easier in cultures where people look at you in the eyes and talk with their neighbors. But what if you live in Las Vegas, New-York or Montreal? It […]

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Interview with Wingman Secrets: Solving Inner Game

Fernando from Wingman Secrets ?just did an outstanding interview with me and the recording is now available. We talked not only about how to fix your inner game issues, but also on how to open your chakras, the differences in dating between different cultures, and how to bring your dating life to another level. Traveling […]

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What is Animal Magnetism

After teaching sexual magnetism for over two years, here’s a breakthrough. This concept is not new and there is an official term for it: animal magnetism. You can read the definition on Wikipedia. Animal magnetism refers to a person’s sexual attractiveness or raw charisma. In it’s simplest form, the better a person feels about […]

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Live Interview with Wingman Secrets Tomorrow

I just had a group coaching week-end with Rion Williams and it was legendary. Guys flied and drove all the way from New-York, Boston and Grece and we shared MASSIVE value. It was a transformational experience. It was a huge success so we’re talking about doing it again. Tomorrow I’m being interviewed by Fernando of […]

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I want to hear from you!

I have a few questions for you guys so I can serve you better. 1. What do you think of when you think about Shamanic Seduction? 2. How did you first find this community? 3. If you were to search for this, what would you search? Post your comments or send me an email! Thanks. […]

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How to Be Respected

Do people usually respect you? My life is very different now than when I was in high school. In high school, several people kept harassing me. Now, whenever someone tries to make fun of me, he just makes a fool of himself. What goes around comes around, and because of the strength of my energies, […]

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Recommended read: The New IQ by David Gruder

I just met this guy David Gruder and we had a very interesting conversation about bringing authenticity and integrity back into our society. We clearly are both heading in the same direction, from our own angle. He wrote a book called The New IQ which won 6 “best book” awards. What he talks about is […]

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What?s the difference between products?

Now that I have several products out, it can be confusing for some of you. Let?s clarify the difference between Authentic Seduction, The Secret Key to attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life, and Sexual Magnetism. Sexual Magnetism is the core of what I teach. It is a solid foundation to understand and […]

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