Many people who are in the seduction community and most seduction marketers talk about getting “tons of women”. It got me to wonder? why tons of women? I don?t know about you, but personally, I find that 2 or 3 great women take all of my free time. I wouldn?t have time for more. Why get tons when we don?t have time for them? Some people told me it was an indicator of their seduction skills, but it is also an indicator of their inability to keep anything worthwhile with any of them.

Interestingly enough, I don?t know anyone who teaches anything about how to have deeper, more passionate and more fulfilling relationships with those women to have more and better sex. I am not a seduction guru where I teach you how to pick-up women. I am not a relationship consultant where I help you improve a specific relationship. I am a seduction and intimacy specialist where I help you have more intimacy and peace of mind in all the relationships in your life.

When women know they can have a deep and passionate relationship based on trust and respect with you, when they can have some of the best sex they ever had, and when they can live their dream relationship with you, they will want to be with you and live that experience, even if you also see other women.

The day you?ll stop always looking for more women and you?ll instead deepen the relationships you already have, you?ll have all the women you ever need, because that?s what they all want to live.

I am about to launch Authentic Seduction, a very concise and focused audio CD that will bring a completely new perspective to relationships to solve very specific issues we all experience. Plus, it?s a very sexy woman?s voice on the CD! More details will come very soon.

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