I believe we are all emotionally connected, while most people in the Western world think we are isolated systems. This belief has many impacts in our daily lives.

First let?s look at the foundation of the belief of isolated systems. We got this way of thinking from school, and I suppose it comes from our understanding of physics. Modern physics are based on the law of conservation of energy, which applies to isolated systems. If we look at our atoms, they are composed of 99.99999% void, and 96% of the mass of the Universe is void. If something was to connect the Universe together, as every religion says, it would most certainly be through the structure of this void. This means that isolated systems do not exist in nature, the fundamental law of conservation of energy does not apply in the real world and the laws of physics are broken. The idea that we are isolated systems is simply wrong. We are all emotionally connected, and e-motions are energies in motion.

This flawed fundamental belief has huge impacts in everyone?s lives and causes all kind of distortions in our society.

Have you ever felt lonely, where you felt no one even noticed you existed? I remember reading a story of a man who died in the London metro. He has been there the entire day and nobody realized he was dead until the metro closed for the night. Also, one of the best violinists in the world, Joshua Bell, played some of the finest music ever composed with a Stradivarius violin in Washington metro during rush hour. Nobody stopped, except one or two kids who were pulled away by their parents. If you ever felt like you were disconnected from the rest of the world, don?t take it personal, you?re not alone.

There are other environments where people trust, respect and support you whenever you need help. This means that you don?t need to prove yourself, and that no matter what happens, you can rest assured you will find solutions as there are people to support you. You are never alone when you need people in your life. This connected environment is a completely different vibe than when walking down the street in a Western cosmopolitan city and you have most likely experienced both in your lifetime.

This impacts all of your relationships as well. A huge percentage of men have difficulty having women to connect with them, and a huge percentage of women have a hard time connecting and having intimacy with their man. Have you ever been single for a long time? Have you ever been in a relationship where it was kind of disconnected or where you had chronic drama? Have you ever gone through a divorce? If so, you?re not alone. In fact, the average marriage lasts 7 years and the divorce rate is way over 50%. Even if you don?t want to get married, the same isolation mindset severely affects your bachelor life. Everybody is affected, and we have much more singles than ever in history anywhere around the world.

You may have met other people with who there was intimacy and passion, where it felt like time stopped. This means you felt worthy of being a man or a woman, you felt connected, you felt blissful, and everything else in your life started going well. It is a completely different vibe, and unless it is the normal way of being for both of you, it normally fades away into two isolated people living together.

You may also have experienced walls between people. Have you ever been into a social environment to meet new friends, to hear people?s stories and to make a change from your usual social life? You may have seen women with huge walls up, and felt like you couldn?t hear their stories, have a meaningful conversation or feel somewhat connected and respected unless you slept with them first. You may also have found that even men had their walls up. The first thing to realize is that these people often do not want to feel connected or to put their walls down with someone they don?t already know. They would rather stay safe in their own world. They may still view themselves as open-minded, as the decision to isolate themselves is subconscious and automated.

You may also have been, for example, in a Latin country, and sat down alone in a bar. Then, a group of people nearby invited you to join them and you had a great time with many new friends who were delighted to hear your story. When you feel connected with other people, it is a completely different vibe than when you are isolated, and it makes life so much more enjoyable. The secret is in the emotions, in the way you feel.

When you feel isolated from your surroundings, you may also lack guidance and inspiration. If you have never experienced spiritual guidance or divine inspiration, you may not know what you are missing, but you for sure experience the consequences. People get used to chronic pain. Have you ever felt insecure about making a decision or lacked abundance in your life? Many people live this way and don?t see how it could be any different. The truth is you can never obtain all the information to make the absolute best logical decision. Too many factors come into play. The most successful people in the world use their intuition to guide them, which is connected to a much broader intelligence that goes beyond reason. Also, abundance comes from creativity. It is not money you need to achieve projects, but creativity and focus. These come when you feel connected to your surroundings and when you have great vibes.

Seeing yourself as an isolated system or as being connected to others does have a huge impact in all areas of your life. You may not fully understand those impacts until you live something different, like a fish who doesn?t know what water is until he comes out of it.

The difference between the two realities is in the vibes and emotions, and the vibe of a city or culture is the average of how each individual person feels. So if you want to change your reality, it starts by changing the vibes inside of you, which will affect the ambiance around you.

If you stop supporting the idea of isolated systems and start seeing our inter-connected reality for what it is, you already make a huge step in the right direction.

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