I just watched the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. Having lived in Barcelona and traveled everywhere for a year, I must say I love that country. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go watch it.

It represents in images several things I’ve been thinking.

First, the man in the movie gives a very good seduction example with these two women. Look at how he handles the different situations, and mostly how he lives his life.

The life over there is so dynamic and interesting compared to what it is in Canada. There are always things to do and places to go, and they often go out with friends to take a drink or to play sports. But when you go out of the big city to go to rural areas, the contrast is even greater. They took the plane to go to a small city in a remote area. The architecture and environment is splendid, people are very friendly, there are very beautiful women and interesting people and there is outstanding local food and wines. Now compare this to a small city in Canada, almost all young or interesting people deserted to the big cities, there are mostly old people and kids, there isn’t much to do and there rarely is any local culture and food. People desert small cities to go to bigger cities to get a job and live a routine life. That’s a big contrast, and the movie clearly demonstrates a life that is more creative and inspiring.

People in the movie have such different ways of living and such different views of the world. There is a lot of narration but it allows to understand the experiences from various points of views. One of the woman is very independent and ‘thinks’ she knows all what she wants, until she cracks up to a more inspiring lifestyle and become confused. The other woman is very open-minded and goes through all kind of experiences. I like how everybody is so honest in the movie.

What shocked me the most is that, at the end of the movie, everything is EXACTLY THE SAME as in the beginning! Nothing changed at all! Everybody is back to their respective life patterns.

It’s worth talking more about that last point. If you don’t change from the inside, you’ll keep living the same life patterns no matter what happens. If you wait for circumstances to change your life, you may find such experiences, but you’ll fall back right where you were before. If you don’t change from the inside, you cannot change your life or your environment because the opportunities that come into your life won’t match with who you are. The ironic thing is that the open-minded woman (heh I’m bad with names) doesn’t feel comfortable in a routine and leaves whatever relationship she is in, but that in itself is a routine she lives over and over again.

I have to say that this guy has more tolerance than I do for drama, and he gets caught in it too. Since it’s very hard to disturb my calm and stability, I don’t attract such drama into my life, and when there is, I don’t empower it. It just doesn’t fit with my reality. Oh, and avoid sleeping with a girl AND her friend if you want to avoid drama and if you don’t want to risk losing both ๐Ÿ˜›

Enjoy the movie!

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