Now that I have several products out, it can be confusing for some of you. Let?s clarify the difference between Authentic Seduction, The Secret Key to attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life, and Sexual Magnetism.

Sexual Magnetism is the core of what I teach. It is a solid foundation to understand and apply natural connection with women around you. 7.5% of you guys in my list have this e-book so I?m proud of you.

Authentic Seduction is an excellent entry-level product. It is a very powerful, focused and concise 30 minutes audio. Every detail of this program has been developed and reviewed carefully, making it a top quality product. The main focus is to deepen relationships in your life, to solve concrete problems and to understand a new paradigm of relationships. For those of you who have Sexual Magnetism, you should also get this product as the content is completely different and complimentary. Authentic Seduction and Sexual Magnetism don?t share any content, except a bonus track at the end about releasing your fears. Plus, Authentic Seduction is much cheaper.

The Secret Key to Attract Health, Wealth, Sex and Love Into Your Life is another product I released. It is still available but I will not promote it anymore because although it has excellent content, it doesn?t fit the long-term vision of my business. It has 4 hours of audio content, which is way too long for an introduction, and it talks about many different topics instead of being focused.

I also offer private phone coaching and will soon offer live coaching, but I am selective about who I work with. This is by far what gave my customers the most results. I sell results, not time. My fees are not cheap so I work with people I feel are ready to fully integrate what I teach. My approach is completely different than the seduction community, so if you?re not very familiar with my work, I may ask you to listen to Authentic Seduction before doing phone coaching.

There is also some invaluable advanced knowledge that isn?t included in any product that I want to share as I know many people struggle with very specific aspects. You can get this knowledge in private coaching, but I want to allow more people to get it for a cheaper price. I?m thinking about creating a group program over the phone where I could share advanced knowledge and also coach individually in public. I will want about 50 people for a 10-sessions program. When I feel there is enough demand to fill this, I will go forward with this project. Email me to show your interest in this.

That?s it for now ๐Ÿ™‚

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