A big part of empowering your dating and social life is to become aware of the culture you live in. It?s like telling a fish what water is, he will never know until he gets out of it. Besides going out of the country, the best way to become aware of your culture is to look at the clearest role models.

First look at this video. It?s a very funny video made out of fun. It portrays neediness but in a humoristic and respectful way.

The Lonely Island – Jizz In My Pants

Now look at this video response from a woman. It may be funny but it?s made out of anger, dismissiveness and arrogance. It portrays one of the most toxic aspects of the North-American culture by associating puking with pleasure and by associating disgust with social interactions.

MsTaken.com – Puke In My Mouth

People leave two kinds of feedback. Either ?waaaa thez girlzz are sso hott I wanna BANG them ALL!!? or ?that?s crap and it takes the fun out of the original video?. Nobody says they would actually enjoy spending time with these girls other than a quick bang. These girls treat men like shit. The sad truth is that there are many women living like you see in the video, and the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

A conventional goal for ladies men is to attract hotter women. I would suggest reframing this into attracting better experiences with women. It?s not just about the physical look, it?s all about the overall experience you?re living with them. Let?s look at how to handle independent bitchy women.

If you?re in a relationship with such a woman, don?t think she?ll treat you differently than the rest of the people. The way they do one thing is the way they do everything, so even if you sleep with her, the next day she?ll take her independence back and treat you like a wimp. If things are going great in the relationship, she?ll eventually treat you like she treats everybody whenever there will be any kind of problem in the relationship. So how do you solve this? Take a ride with her, drop her off the road, keep driving and see the problem getting smaller and smaller in the mirror. Their drama does not have to part of your experience in life.

Lots of men are thrown off by such women in bars and clubs. They become afraid of talking with women, they can?t enjoy socializing and they get emotionally thrown off by their rude behaviors. How do you handle that? The hardest part is probably not to be emotionally affected by them as their aggressiveness is very contagious. The easiest way to detach yourself emotionally from them is to realize this is only a social fa?ade covering a more gentle nature. The games they play only lead to fantasy and not to reality. Becoming aware of what a real woman is and becoming aware of how natural connection with women happens is the best way to detach yourself from independent women and to not want anything form them. The only way to get physical with these women is to be even more independent than they are, and it?s not worth it. The best relationships I had so far were always the ones that happened the most effortlessly. Once you are not emotionally affected by these women anymore, you want to keep a great social and open vibe when you?re going out. When you talk with half the people in the bar and come across a rude independent woman or group of women, just tell them in a calm way ?If you?re not here to socialize and if you treat people like shit, stay the f*** home? and move on. If dozens of guys tell them, they?ll eventually get the message and bars will be an open place where you can socialize and enjoy conversations with people.

The biggest part of this is to realize there are other social dynamics that exist. Things can be different. Look at this video to experience a totally different reality. You?ll see a huge contrast. This is the kind of vibe you want to have when you go out. Watch this video 5 times in a row and really feel the energy. Soak in the energy.

Natural Grounding ‘SuperHalo’ Shakti Meditation

Living a great dating and social life is like growing a gorgeous and colorful garden. Weed doesn?t respect the beauty of the other flowers and they try to take all the space. Take out the weed, plant flowers, value these flowers and take care of them. That?s the best way to have a great garden. Do the same with your social life. Most girls are neither a pure angel nor a pure bitch. They are a mix in-between and have both aspects within them to varying degrees. You can bring out the angelic side of them through the way you feel, through what you value and through how you expect them to behave. However, it?s always easier and better to select than to train women.

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