Do people usually respect you? My life is very different now than when I was in high school. In high school, several people kept harassing me. Now, whenever someone tries to make fun of me, he just makes a fool of himself. What goes around comes around, and because of the strength of my energies, with me it always comes around amplified. People never lack respect or integrity with me twice. Let me tell you a few stories.

A few days ago I went to a beach. As I was walking around, a guy started making fun of me and ridiculing me. He kept saying more sh*t so I just put my finger up and kept walking. He ran to me and yelled “did you just raise your finger!? What’s your f***ing problem!??” I stayed calm, didn’t react, looked at him straight in the eyes and said “What’s the problem?”? and I just walked away while he yelled “hey don’t want away like that you f*****!!”. We nearly got into a fight but I was lucky enough to walk away. I went back with my friend who has arms almost twice bigger as mine and who usually doesn’t think twice about taking care of someone. We went walking over there again and the guy was staring at me. We went to talk to him, I let my friend do the talking and I stepped back as it was getting very heated up and if my friend gives a hit? the guy would fall a few meters away. He was just yelling “What are you going to do!? You’re going to hit me!??” In the end my friend didn’t do anything, because 1) that guy was just a 18-year old drunken guy, he would break him in pieces with a single hit 2) we’re on the beach in the middle of a national park, there’s nowhere to hide and 3) he didn’t want him to wait for us in the parking to scratch his 50k$ car. We walked back to our towel and the guy came 2 minutes later and kept yelling. My friend stood up not to get choked but he didn’t do anything. The monitor was standing next to us with his Waki Taki and a minute later the security guys came and took him away. They kept talking for a while and 15 minutes later the guy was on the floor with the cops. When the cops came to us, we didn’t have to say or explain anything as several guys around came over and said “they didn’t do anything, I’ve seen everything and here’s exactly what happened”. We didn’t even have to bother with the cops!

Here’s what I find interesting about this. I didn’t do anything and my friend didn’t do anything. As I behaved with integrity my friend took care of me, and as my friend behaved with integrity a bunch of other guys took care of us. As for the other guy, he ended up with the cops. Everybody around was with us and against him, so yes he looked like a real fool. If this happened back in high school, it wouldn’t have ended up in the same way. If we did get into a fight things would also have turned completely differently.

Here’s another story. Last year I got robbed several times in my apartment by my neighbor and the janitor. There was some major drama. In the end, I never saw my neighbor after the last robbery and he never showed up to his job either, and the janitor lost his job and his apartment. Considering they both lost their job and apartment, I’m in a better position than the ones who caused me problems, and I learned a lot from it. The building is so quiet since then! I didn’t have to do anything, things just happened. These people won’t ever cause me problems again.

There’s a very powerful master alchemist I have been learning a lot form lately. He was driving a Porche for many years and he never locked the doors. He never locks the doors of his apartment either. He never got any troubles.

By raising the frequency of your energies, people will instantly respect you much more, and the law of Karma will be amplified, so will be the law of attraction. What goes around comes around and it is amplified when someone with high energies is involved. It also means you have to be more careful about what you do as when you lack integrity it also comes back amplified. You also have to be careful about not getting angry at people, because if you have strong energies and get angry at someone, that person is going to have an accident.

With a strong presence comes respect, and with power comes responsibility.

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