Many people wonder about the difference between dating in the Western World vs. the rest of the world. Anything you do to meet women will be much easier in cultures where people look at you in the eyes and talk with their neighbors. But what if you live in Las Vegas, New-York or Montreal?

It is much easier to learn natural seduction and to develop charisma by traveling abroad, but eventually you?ll be back to your home country. With what I teach, getting laid is the easiest thing in the world. Just find one or two joyful, intuitive and loving women and you have an unlimited supply of quality sex. However, even finding the perfect woman will not solve the problem of loneliness and social disconnectedness. For example, I often have girls coming to my apartment in downtown Montreal, but in 16 months, I still haven?t spoken with my neighbors or had eye contact with them. So what can you do about it? First, become aware of the ambient culture around you. It?s like telling a fish what water is. He will never know until he gets out of it. Second, detach yourself emotionally from your cultural environment so you can be more open and vibe at much higher frequencies. Third, be a living example of another way of living and inspire people. Fourth, this is a cultural movement. Support the movement of restoring the emotional inter-connectedness in our society, of bringing back the feminine, intuitive and supportive aspect of live, and of living from our heart instead of from our head.

What if you can only find masculine independent women around you? It?s great for short-term fun but you won?t experience the same emotional intimacy. You?ll get drama instead. My advice is have fun with independent masculine women and the day you want something deeper or more serious, find a foreign woman or find one abroad. The divorce rate in America is over 50%, so unless you want to experience the same, do something different. Relationships are not only difficult for men but also for independent women. What are they going to do? Just solve your dating and relationship problems, you don?t have to take these women?s problems on your shoulders. If these women also want to improve their relationships, tell them to come see me to develop their femininity, to flow with life and to be more in their heart and body.

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