After the huge success of our coaching week-end two weeks ago, we are doing it again. This was a legendary transformational experience for everyone. Reading about self-improvement is one thing. Experiencing it is another. Me and Rion’s energies amplify whenever we get together bringing us even more power to impact your life beyond words and beyond logic. You WILL sense energies with me. You WILL reach pack states with Rion. Your beliefs WILL change and your limiting beliefs WILL dissapear. You WILL learn and experience things we haven’t yet teached to anyone.

Knowledge becomes awareness through experience.

“Find a way to book time with Rion and Etienne. ?Seeing in person such subtly powerful but somehow effortless communication with women, meeting other guys in the Relational Mastery Program, as well as understanding how to truly empower your beliefs, was worth infinitely more than a lifetime of courses with all other PUA coaches combined. This is the rarest and best thing out there for your whole life as a man, not just with women.” ? ?-Frank, USA

This event is for you if you want authenticity, self-esteem, spiritual freedom, relationship freedom, physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, well-being, sexual magnetism, charisma and self-healing.

It will be held on the week-end of October 8-10th, starting?Friday at noon.

Sign-up for the coaching week-end here.

By signing-up before September 21st, you will get a free 30 minutes phone call with Rion before the event ($97 value) AND the $137 Sexual Magnetism eBook from Etienne for free.

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