Some guys tell me they just want to get laid and don’t see the point of deepening their relationships unless they get married. Here are the top 3 reasons to deepen your relationships with women.

1. To have more sex. Men look for sex while women look for intimacy and connection. By giving them what they want, they’ll give you what you want. They want a man who is both strong and vulnerable with whom they can connect. They don’t want walls and they don’t want clingy guys. Sex is a by-product of connecting with a woman, so that’s why you want intimacy.

2. To have better sex. When you get into Tantric sex, you can both have full-body orgasms and sex is much better. At that level, however, sex isn’t as good with every woman. The more energy flows through her body and the more feminine she is, the better sex will be. The more masculine, stuck in her head or aloof she is, the worst sex will be. In order to get the most out of sex, you have to be more selective and you must have depth in the relationship even if it is a no strings attached relationship.

3. To have sex more consistently. I have been with a lot of women in my life and there was a point where I could have women anytime but they just wanted to try me for a week or two. It really sucks to HAVE to go out meeting new girls to have sex because you couldn’t keep the previous girls, especially when you have other things to do. By deepening and stabilizing those relationships, you can have sex whenever you want and you don’t need to go out as much. You can come back home exhausted at 11pm and have a girl come over to give you a massage. How neat is that?

By deepening your relationships with women, you can really bring your natural game and sex life to a whole new level.

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