There’s a difference between men and women. Men want sex while women want intimacy. Since women are the choosers, and since sex is a by-product of connecting with a woman, you want intimacy as well. If I talk about how to have more and better sex, women get on the defensive and don’t want to be treated as objects. However, if I talk about how to have more and better intimacy, which represents more what I do anyway, women have their ears wide open! That’s what they want as well.

To better understand the subtle difference, read these two descriptions of what I do and see how you feel about it from both a man and a woman’s perspectives.

1) I am a seduction expert, and I teach men how to have sex with the woman they want.

2) I am an intimacy specialist, and I help men build their self-confidence, release their fears and let their authentic selves shine to attract the intimacy they deserve.

Both sentences say almost the same thing, but when women hear the first description of feel these vibes from you, their defenses go up. However, when they hear the second description or feel these vibes from you, they exclaim themselves “I want that too!” Which woman doesn’t want to build her self-confidence, release her fears and let her authentic self shine to attract the intimacy she deserves? Everybody wants that.

I may speak more from this perspective to talk in a way that reaches both men and women, and that fills the gap between genders. If you make this shift in your mindset, you will also be able to talk about it much more easily with women.

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