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How Shamanism Relates to Relationships

Some people don’t see the link between shamanism and relationships. Here’s why energy work matters. Shamanic Attraction sounds nice but how does shamanism relate to relationships? A relationship is about the way a person feels about you. It?s an emotional concept. E-motions are energies in motion. So it all comes down to energies. You can […]

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Authentic Community Constitution Draft

74% of you guys believe something is missing in how men and women relate in the Western world and the divorce rate in America is 15 times higher than in Mexico. I would like to create communities of people who want to live their lives according to authentic principles, for both men and women.The idea […]

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How to improve your health

I always have cold feet. The solution is simple: wear socks, have good boots, wear two pairs of socks when skiing and keep my feet well covered while sleeping. Every winter, I also have some mushroom problems on my feet due to humidity. This year the problem is particularity annoying. I started putting cream since […]

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