I always have cold feet. The solution is simple: wear socks, have good boots, wear two pairs of socks when skiing and keep my feet well covered while sleeping.

Every winter, I also have some mushroom problems on my feet due to humidity. This year the problem is particularity annoying. I started putting cream since the symptoms showed up and haven’t been able to get rid of it yet. The solution is simple: I threw my old cracked boots and bought new ones, and I keep putting cream twice a day until it’s gone.

This week, I went to see a lady for a very good massage and we talked about health issues. Turns out mushrooms aren’t only due to external factors, but also to chronic wet feet. When feet are always wet, they are also colder. You’re cold when you get out of the shower because of the water on your skin. According to her, humid feet are due to an acidity imbalance in the body. The solution is simple: eat more alkaline food and make a few changes in eating habbits.

When I think about it, I always had an acid skin since I was a kid. I never considered it to be a big issue until now, so I looked at the issue to see where it comes from. My skin acidity comes from a subtle bitterness for life that I had since I was born. I took the time to clean my cellular memory with my fancy hippy funny shamanic healing tricks and I feel much better now!

There are many ways to treat the many symptoms you experience, but then you have to keep treating these symptoms over and over again. Physical issues always come from emotional imbalances, and if you can heal the imbalance that is at the source of the symptoms you experience, you won’t have to deal with them again.

Mushrooms and cold feet are due to humid feet. Humid feet are due to an acidity imbalance. The acidity is due to a bitterness for life that goes way back in time. That’s a whole chain of symptoms liked together. It’s great to not experience those anymore after having them for a lifetime!

I realize my specialities are grounding energies and cleaning cellular memory.

What health symptoms would you like to work on?

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