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New e-book: How to Get a Good Paying Job

I want to make the products and coaching more accessible to you. By popular demand, I created a new e-book called How to Get a Good Paying Job. I have always found jobs very easily. Many of my customers also got several job offers after coaching with me. This e-book will go in-depth about what […]

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How Shamanism Relates to Relationships

Some people don’t see the link between shamanism and relationships. Here’s why energy work matters. Shamanic Attraction sounds nice but how does shamanism relate to relationships? A relationship is about the way a person feels about you. It?s an emotional concept. E-motions are energies in motion. So it all comes down to energies. You can […]

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The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma

Here’s a surprise for you. I just wrote a new e-book called The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma. It comes as a bonus with Authentic Attraction and Sexual Magnetism. It is free to redistribute and even resell. I wrote this e-book in a single inspired day. It will open the doors to… – Tapping into […]

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Authenticity and Intimacy

My goal is to bring authenticity and intimacy back in our modern, civilized culture. Being authentic means being centered for a man, and being aware for a woman. It means embracing your raw human nature that guides you to abundance and satisfaction. It means letting go of defenses, shields and worries to life a carefree, […]

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