The Laws of Attraction state that whatever you focus on, you attract it into your life. Does it do so only by shifting our attitude, or can our mind affect things outside our awareness?

The real question is: is there really “vibrations” connecting us? Many people say so and many others say it’s bullshit.

Here’s my take on this.

Q: Can we make anything happen just by sitting on our sofa and visualizing?
Very unlikely, unless you take proper actions or have a very high level of awareness.

Q: Does the way we feel directly affect people’s behaviors around us?
Definitely, all the time. The way you feel directly affect how other people feel, unless they affect how you feel, depending how stable you are emotionally.

Q: Can we defy gravity with our mind?
I don’t think so. The world has natural principles that can be misunderstood but can’t be broken, such as physics and human nature. However, you might have an idea pop in your head and invent the first plane!

Your intuition comes from your subconscious mind, and our subconscious minds are connected together. Thus, you can inspire people you don’t even know, and you can attract random women in your life without doing anything special.

All of this is out of the range of science and, being a logical person, I rejected it for a long time. However, should we reject it because science can’t explain it? Here’s an interesting actuality fact about physics. All physicians agree that their formulas are flawed and they’re trying to elaborate all kind of new models, some of which have more than 12 dimentions. Here’s how their model is flawed:
– They have quantum physics formulas at small scale and classical physics laws at large scale, but they’re unable to fit these formulas together. Einstein died while trying to solve this puzzle.
– Formulas give “infinite” in black holes, which is impossible in math.
– There’s a huge mass in the Universe they can’t explain. Dark Matter (or Dark Energy) takes about 25% of the observable Universe mass.

This doesn’t explain anything, but it shows that science isn’t a limit for us.

I believe that everything is simple from a certain point of view. The world becomes much simpler to understand when you view it emotionally.

Here’s a model of the world that makes everything more simple. At the base, there is an “emotional core”. When we’re born, we become more or less separated from this “emotional core” depending our level of awareness. We can call this separation our ego. This “emotional core” guides chaos, intuitions and dreams through time with this basic principle: Thoughts become things.

Shared thoughts become things, while respecting physics and other laws.

Q: Where does this model come from?
When you have a high level of awareness, you can feel things around you, and you can feel this process happening. It’s like when you have good sight and look at a house: you can describe it.

That said, I think religions are shit, although eastern philosophies and buddhism are the closest to this.

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