Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors in history. He invented many technologies we use in our daily lives such as alternating current and spark plugs among many others. He was also known for inventing free energy before being cut his funds and removed from history books. Many of his inventions never saw the light.

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To my big surprise, I just came across Tesla’s blueprint to build a free energy device. These plans seem to have surfaced since the last few years. Of course, I purchased the plans (which were very cheap). I totally believe in anti-gravity and zero-point energy. I have seen a man called Daniel Pomerleau in Quebec who builds simple circuits that generate high voltages without any kind of batteries. What he does is mind-blowing. I have friends who work closely with him so I hear a lot of ?inside stories?. I can tell you he does way more than generating free electricity. Jacques Tombazian from who I learnt Alchemy also had a similar experience. Several years ago we had an ice storm that put us out of electricity for several weeks. He was the only one somehow having electricity and he didn’t question it. His electricity didn’t come from the electric lines. Actually, Daniel Pomerleau also had electricity during that week. It is now well known in quantum physics that the vacuum contains an infinite amount of energy.

However, Tesla’s plans were not what I expected. He did not draw energy from the vacuum. Like any other electricity generation techniques we use today, he uses a source of energy. He was simply known to use non-conventional sources of energy. One such source is radio waves. Besides having a specific frequency, the wave itself is energy. You could then transform AM radio waves into a small voltage. In fact, the website selling the blueprint explains how to do so for less than $2 of material.

Get the Tesla Free Energy Blueprint Now

Another more potent source of energy would be solar ions. The sun projects ions that are spread in our atmosphere whether it is sunny or raining, and since there is always half the planet exposed to the sun, the atmosphere is always filled with ions. You could build an antenna to capture those ions to generate free electricity. The Tesla Free Energy blueprint explains how you can build this device for less than $100 of material with basic engineering skills.

This makes me realize there are several ways to generate free energy. I don’t yet have a blueprint to generate free energy from the vacuum, but generating free energy from solar ions is a great place to start!

Get the Tesla Free Energy Blueprint Now

P.S. They have a 60-days money-back guarantee which is enforced by Plimus, which is the same payment processor I use. Thus, there is no risk for you… except maybe breaking some of your beliefs about electricity.

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