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How to Get Job Interviews

I get computer programming job offers every week, which pay 80000$/year as salary or 100000$/year as independent contractual worker. I thought it was because of my extensive programming experience and expertise, but there might be more to it. One of my coaching clients got 3 job interviews the week after we worked together on solving […]

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Free Video: See and Value the Sacred Feminine

Here’s the sixth best way to improve your sexual attractiveness: see and value the sacred feminine. Authentic seduction is about bringing out the authenticity from within people and connecting with it. [youtube][/youtube] Men and women are meant to complement each other in a very natural and harmonious way. Femininity has been repressed in our western […]

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From Suffering Passion to Joyful Passion

Many of you know Bob Proctor, the main teacher of the movie “The Secret”, but?you may not?know Jacques Tombazian, a Master Alchemist?who was his mentor. I had the chance to assist to a 4 days training in Montreal with Jacques and I must say it is mind boggling. There are 2 days left to the […]

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A new year begins

Here’s my Christmas gift for you: personal freedom. We are already in 2010. I’m no big fan of New-Year resolutions; I would rather suggest you to take year-long resolutions or life-long resolutions. Or even better, instead of making decisions, you could remove your limitations that prevent you from improving. So instead of taking a resolution […]

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Being satisfied

How do you let go of needing things? By being satisfied by yourself. How do you become satisfied? By letting go of feeling miserable. It’s that simple, once you realize all other problems aren’t really problems. Duh. Get our best-selling e-book Sexual Magnetism Blueprint, previously sold $147, now for FREE!

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