Many of you know Bob Proctor, the main teacher of the movie “The Secret”, but?you may not?know Jacques Tombazian, a Master Alchemist?who was his mentor. I had the chance to assist to a 4 days training in Montreal with Jacques and I must say it is mind boggling. There are 2 days left to the training, and I’ll have?a lot of new things to talk about. For the records, Jacques worked for the European Union, for CEO Space and for many other?large organizations. He healed cancers, AIDS, and a blind person. This is most likely the last time he teaches as he wants to focus on personal projects.

By the way Alchimy reffers to the trasmutation of self and has nothing to do with metals.

After the first day, I was invited by a woman who knows Jacqueus for a long time to go eat soup at her home, and things went from there. She’s a sexologist and alchemist. She showed me an article she wrote in French, and it is so great that I had to translate it into English for you guys.


From Suffering Passion to Joyful Passion
by Brigitte Drapeau, translated by Etienne Charland

If I had to define myself in one word, “passionate” would surely come to me spontaneously. What I offer you today is a kind of verbatim of my experiences and my quest.

I know passion very well. I just do what I like and usually the way that suits me. Since my youth, I promised to be happy, to develop myself and I keep my word. Yet my choices, or should I say my instincts, have often made me feel troubling emotions. Sometimes they were so consuming that I nearly didn’t pass through.

But what is Passion? Passion, path? in Greek, gives pathos in English, pathology. Le Petit Robert defines passion as follow: Suffering. Strong pull toward an object that we pursue, to which we are attached with our entire mind. It is a violent affectivity that disturbs judgment.

What disturbs our reasoning and makes us suffer is our desires and attachments, whether attachments are about our ideologies, our beliefs, our thoughts, our past, our illnesses or pains, our own bodies, persons and objects that we believe in or that we want to have.?The way we identify ourselves and what we want to acquire in order to achieve a supposedly well-being, is in fact a source of suffering, a painful illusion created from scratch by our mental. It only feeds our little self, our ego.

In love relationships, passion is when we look at someone with lust, as an object of satisfaction, ignoring the Being in its totality, its complexity, its differences, and ignoring the intimate relationship that could happen with him. In this form of “relationship”, I expect the other person to fill my gaps, to meet my needs and, above all, to belong to me.

To overcome suffering from passion, it is very important to transmute into consciousness. To do so, I try to be in resonance, to “breathe” with what’s around me, without attachment, without intent to own. I let myself be filled with the presence of “what is” while accepting the impermanence of all that exists. I live the present moment with all my presence. I try to be attentive to what lives with me, to look beyond matter, and to feel with all my senses. I let the energy and wave of life flow in my body without resisting it or holding onto it. And when I can do so, I spend linear time in a timeless space. Pleasure guaranteed!

My only real power is to regain my balance and to raise my consciousness. I learned to observe my thoughts and reactions without judgment. I can let go of what limits me. I try to be compassionate towards my weaknesses, vulnerabilities and frustrations. I recognize that the unacceptable has happened in my life but I do not attach myself anymore, I don’t identify myself to it anymore and I let go, I release the past. I rediscovered the joyful being in me.

I try to move from “I do, I have, therefore I am” to “I Am, I give, therefore I realize myself”. I leave the expectation that things come from outside me, and I “act on my life.” I recognize my talents, my gifts and I offer them to the world by serving others with the best of myself, in unconditional love energy, as much as possible.

In order to give myself without expectations and without wearing myself out, I must first feel full of life. So, I listen to my real needs and I take care of myself. I give myself time of rest, pleasure and solitude to find myself and recharge myself. I learn to receive gifts that life offers and to open up to people around me while respecting my limits. And also, very importantly, I listen to my intuition, my inner voice that guides me to my own realization.

This is what I believe to be a conscious and loving life. It is quite the opposite of suffering passion. In fact, the only true passion is to live your life fully. In this way, living our passion is enjoying every moment! This is what I wish you all.

Brigitte Drapeau
Sexologist and Alchemist


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