Here’s my Christmas gift for you: personal freedom.

We are already in 2010. I’m no big fan of New-Year resolutions; I would rather suggest you to take year-long resolutions or life-long resolutions. Or even better, instead of making decisions, you could remove your limitations that prevent you from improving. So instead of taking a resolution to go at the gym 3 times a week (for 2 weeks), you can let go of feeling lazy and free up some time, which you’ll end up using to get in shape all year long. That’s less mental stress and more personal freedom, isn’t that great?

Here’s a resolution I would suggest you: make one step everyday to improve your love life, to get closer to a goal or to remove an inner limitation. You can’t change overnight, but think about it. Look at a turtle. It walks slowly, but it never ever steps back, except to make eggs. So really, what I’m suggesting you is to not ever look back at your old life or at what’s behind you. You don’t have to make big steps, but don’t ever look back. Sounds good?

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