I get computer programming job offers every week, which pay 80000$/year as salary or 100000$/year as independent contractual worker. I thought it was because of my extensive programming experience and expertise, but there might be more to it.

One of my coaching clients got 3 job interviews the week after we worked together on solving a feeling of unworthiness. Another coaching client just got several job offers. Guess what? Now they can afford coaching!

Your energy has much more importance than I thought in terms of getting a job. When you have more self-confidence, you’re more attractive to employers. When you express yourself more easily, that’s a huge advantage in interviews. When you think more clearly, that’s a huge boost in productivity when you work. The law of attraction also seems to work very well in terms of finding jobs. When you put yourself in the right frequency of feeling good, employers and opportunities somehow find you.

A few things to consider:
– When an employer evaluates you, he looks half at your skills and half at your personality. They’d rather have someone with average skills who fits very well into the team than a highly skilled person who is annoying to have around.
– Employers often use their intuition to decide who they hire. They are basically assessing your energy when they use their intuitions

With the current economic difficulties, if you are one of the many people without a job, it might be a good idea to start using result-oriented spirituality towards getting the job you want. I didn’t think your energy had such a direct impact on job opportunities, but according to my customers, it does.

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